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Fashion and Andrea Corr

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Where Did She Get That??

We uncovered Andrea's secrets! Take a look at these pieces of fashion Andrea has had her eye on and used in big events such as the Borrowed Heaven Photo Shoot, Borrowed Heaven tour and Promotion, as well as the Golden Globes.


Andrea in a lovely wool Moschino Coat


Same exact coat. Moschino Fall Ready to Wear 2004.


Andrea has this tiered Moschino skirt in many different colors (blue, black, teal green)


Andrea Corr at 2004 Golden Globes in Dior


Andrea at 2004 Meteor Awards wearing a Spring 2004 Anne Klein.


Another Moschino dress that I love. Probably my favorite Moschino piece.


Moschiono Ready to Wear 2004 in Blue.


Christian Dior Spring Ready to Wear 2004 (I think it is safe to say that Andrea looks a taaad bit better in this outfit)


Anne Klein Spring Ready to Wear 2004


Moschino Fall Ready to Wear 2004. I love the red tights...but they would also look lovely with boots, which is what Andrea does.

For the best ideas in Andrea Corr's favorite fashion visit for the most recent runway looks.